Product name: Dual-core tight tube, structure of figure 8, high-modulus aramid strength member, and high-performance outer sheath material indoor optical fiber cable.

* Small diameter, small bending radius
* Light weight, easy splitting
* Product life of 15 years

* Indoor wiring
* Dual-core jumpers and pigtails
* Connecting line among local area network, equipment, and instruments


Note:1) V Weight represents tight tube jacket is made of PVC flame-retardant material, and ZY weight said the jacket for low smoke, non-halogen flame retardant sheath material .

2) Typical values can be adjusted according to actual situation;

3) Custom products are available.


Environmental Performance:

Temperature  Installation temperature: 0℃~+60℃

       Operating temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Executive standards YD/T 1258.2-2003


Flame retardant rating: UL OFNR