Product name: Figure-8 self-supporting type outdoor optical fiber cable   


Metal Strength member, loose stranded tube type, gelly filled, PSP- Polyethylene(PE) sheath, figure-8 self-supporting type outdoor optical fiber cable for telecommunication. 



* The sturcture of all section water blocking provides good performance of moisture-proof and water blocking.  
* Special jelly filled in the loose tube provides the fibers with critical protection. 
* The armoring of corrugated steel tape makes cable have nice moisture resistance and crush resistance performance. 
* Figure-8 self-supporting allows easy aerial installation for installation cost savings. 
* Strict materials and technics control for cable stably operating over 30 years. 

Performance Indicators:
* Applications: Suitable for long-distance communication and indoor communication
* Way of laying: Aerial-self supporting
* Operating temperature: -40 ~ + 70 ℃
* Bend radius: static 10x cable diameter
* Dynamic 20x cable diameter